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Experience the best of both worlds - distributed cloud mining of all cryptocurrencies with the help of artificial intelligence.

Your individual mining power bonus will be calculated at the conclusion of the presale.

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What is FlexiMine

FlexiMine will provide you with the tools to make your cryptocurrency assets work for you. Our platform will offer both staking and mining capabilities in one place, allowing you to increase earnings and strengthen your investments. You’ll be able to use the power of AI to automatically select the most profitable assets for mining or choose to mine a specific currency manually. Instant access to mining and staking, as well as the ability to withdraw earned funds at any time, makes FlexiMine the perfect choice for those seeking flexibility and efficiency.

How to Start

Your Way to Mining and Staking Cryptocurrencies

Buy FXM tokens

At the top of the page find the FXM token presale widget. Write the amount of FXM tokens (the most benefit comes from 1000 FXM). Click the wallet connection button and authorize through your MetaMask, Trust Wallet or other wallets. Confirm the operation and the tokens will appear on your balance.

Mining bonuses and calculator

Observe the received power bonuses in your personal account or mobile app. Mining will be started after your first confirmation in your personal account. Your personal calculator will automatically calculate mining in ETH,BTC,USDT.

Earning in USDT, ETH, BTC

FlexiMine will give you unique flexibility to manage your investments, including full deposit return at your convenience, ensuring stability of your income and investment protection even in volatile market conditions. You’ll be able to rent and sell gift power on the marketplace.

FlexiMine Bonus Grid for Presale

This bonus program is designed to encourage and reward investors for their early participation and significant contributions to the development of the FlexiMine project. Take advantage of our presale to maximize your mining power and potential for long-term income generation.


Investment in FXM fromPower IncreaseTotal Costs
1 0005.00%$100
5 00010.00%$500
100 00015.00%$1.000
250 00020.00%$2.500
500 00025.00%$2.500
750 00030.00%$7.500
1 000 00035.00%$10.000

Terms and Additional Benefits:

  • The bonus is provided as an increase in mining power for a period of up to 5 years.

  • The additional power obtained can be rented out on the FlexiMine marketplace.

  • The maximum power bonus per address is 1,000,000 FXM

  • The maximum bonus per address is limited to 35%*.

    *Excluding the accumulation of different presale rounds.

FlexiMine Roadmap

  • Start active development of FlexiMine's mobile and desktop applications.

  • Expand the team of developers and marketers to support the platform's growth.

  • Strengthen and optimize the platform's infrastructure in anticipation of scaling services.

  • Fundraising phase required to pay for marketing costs as well as the development of the core FlexiMine platform.

  • Official release of FlexiMine's mobile and desktop applications.

  • Completion of the presale phase and opening of the platform for deposits and staking.

  • Enabling the feature for users to withdraw mined funds.

  • Implementation of marketing campaigns involving influencers and active promotion on social media.

  • Introduction of intelligent AI algorithms to enhance multi-mining.

  • Expansion of the customer support team to ensure a high level of service.

  • Listing of the FXM token on leading centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX).

  • Launch a comprehensive marketing campaign to increase brand awareness.

  • Intensification of marketing efforts focused on demonstrating successful mining and staking use cases.

  • Development of partnerships with major cloud mining providers.

  • Strategic partnership with key cryptocurrency exchanges to increase FXM token liquidity.

  • Launch of loyalty programs and referral systems to stimulate community growth.

  • Optimization of staking functionality on the FlexiMine platform.

  • Conducting educational webinars and master classes for users.

  • Improvement of analytics tools for tracking mining and staking results.

  • Planning and preparation for the platform's expansion into new markets.

  • Implementation of new features and improvements in mobile and desktop applications.

  • Expansion of the platform's geographic presence in new markets.

  • Implementation of advanced measures for the protection of user assets.

  • Integration with additional blockchain platforms and DeFi projects.

  • Launch of new tools for staking a variety of cryptocurrencies.

  • Implementation of automatic reinvestment features for mining revenues.

  • Expansion of the network of strategic partnerships to strengthen the platform.


FlexiMine’s tokenomics is designed to ensure long-term sustainability and investment appeal while simultaneously fostering active participation and community support. The token distribution is as follows:

  • 35% (1,400,000,000 tokens) Mining Investments: These funds will be utilized to expand and upgrade FlexiMine's mining capacities, including acquiring new equipment and improving infrastructure.

  • 25% (1,000,000,000 tokens) Platform Development: This percentage of tokens is for innovation and technological advancement, ensuring the continuous enhancement of the FlexiMine platform and strengthening its market presence.

  • 20% (800,000,000 tokens) Marketing and Partnerships: The funds are planned for marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships that will help expand FlexiMine’s reach and attract new users.

  • 10% (400,000,000 tokens) Community Engagement: This fund is created to ensure the security and stability of the platform, allowing to response flexibly to market conditions and strengthen the financial robustness of FlexiMine.

  • 10% (400,000,000 tokens) Reserve Fund: This fund is created to ensure the security and stability of the platform, allowing for flexible responses to market condition changes and strengthening the financial robustness of FlexiMine.

Total Token Supply:

4 000 000 000

Mining Investments
Marketing and Partnerships
Platform Development
Community Engagement
Reserve Fund

Team & Advisors

See for yourself that FlexiMine is people-centered and trustworthy. Check how our system works – it’s transparent and safe. Because we are talking about people, their experience and knowledge.

Dmitri Gaskov


Aneliya Turlakova


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FlexiMine?

    FlexiMine is an innovative cryptocurrency mining and staking platform that will incorporate the benefits of cloud mining with artificial intelligence. Users will be able to choose cryptocurrencies to mine, such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin, and participate in staking, as well as use AI to automatically select the most profitable mining and staking options.

  • How can I buy FXM tokens?

    You can purchase FXM token through the Pinksale platform.

  • What makes FlexiMine unique?

    FlexiMine will offer a unique mining opportunity using any cryptocurrency as mining power against collateral. This innovation will be the first in the crypto industry.

  • How does staking work in FlexiMine?

    The FlexiMine platform will allow users to stake any cryptocurrency that supports staking within a unified ecosystem.

  • What are the benefits for FXM presale participants?

    Participants in the presale will receive a 5 years bonus in mining power, which will be individually calculated after the end of the presale.

  • How does FlexiMine ensure security and transparency?

    FlexiMine will use the latest security technologies and provide users with complete control over their investments and mining activities.

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